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Static Website Design

Static Website Design

Static websites are sites that don’t contain any dynamic server-side functionality or application logic. A static website consists of a series of HTML files, each one representing a physical page of a website. That’s why on static sites, each page is a separate HTML file. When you visit the homepage, you are viewing the actual homepage file. In a static website, when a user which is the web browser types the address and requests for the web page, the already written HTML coded information appears for the user to be read or copied for further use. Static websites are used extensively only to provide the information that is already written in the HTML code. This information cannot be changed until it is mentioned in the source code of the HTML.

Static websites are therefore ideal for the use of providing the set of permanent information like the hotel pictures, facilities and rates whereas a real estate broker would who needs to change the market price of the properties frequently will not find the static type of website very useful. Static websites can only really be updated by someone with a knowledge of website development. Static websites are the economical to develop and host, and many smaller companies still use these to get a web presence. However its downside includes content getting stagnant, less useful, require web expertise to update content. Examples include brochure sites made up completely of HTML and CSS or even interactive client-side games built in Flash that don’t interact with a server component.

Static websites are mainly designed to showcase the static products and services of a company that requires no change or less change in the list or data. A static website design is capable to support the business by identifying the products, services and other related information much easily and conveniently. The Static Website Designing Delhi will benefit the customers in the sense that it helps in increasing the economic growth and promotes the products and services of a business concern in a professional manner.

At WebSolvant, we take pride in offering the static website designing services to our customers that are empowered by absolute skill and creativity which help them to elaborate their idea of business among the prospective buyers. Our Website Designing Company Delhi combines knowledge, expertise and talent of our working professionals and serve our clients a plethora of static designs that could provide them with great cutting edge visuals for their products and services.

We analyze, interpret and design the suitable layout which puts the client’s business idea into the desired application. WebSolvant applies the latest and updated technology that will be proved to give the optimal results by the inclined efforts. Our Website Designing Delhi service providers strive to give unique and personalized static website designing service with quality and at competitive prices.

Benefits of Static Website Design are:

  • Simple to create and host
  • Less cost when compared with dynamic website design
  • Easy navigation for search engines
  • Quick to download images, brochures even on lower bandwidths
  • Each and every page of the website is editable but the certain knowledge is required
  • Can see the preview before adding on live
  • Can change the layout of web page when desired
  • Direct control over content

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