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PPC Management

PPC Management

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We are the leading PPC management service providers in India. We perform proper keyword research and bid on the keywords strategically to generate maximum clicks with the minimum bid amount. Our Pay Per Click management services are unparalleled, affordable and highly traffic targeted. We are serving the internet industry from years by managing the pay per click accounts of our customers.

Pay per click advertising is basically search engine marketing technique. Advertisers bid on keywords optimized to hit the target visitors. When web users types a query matching the advertiser’s keyword list the ad displays on the web page. These ads are sponsored ads. An advertiser has to pay only when the ad is clicked which defines the word – Pay Per Click.

Our Pay Per Click management services are based on following key points:

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  • Keyword Selection: Our expert keyword research tries to make minimum bid We can help you find valuable terms that people use and that are less competitive (lower cost).
  • Keyword Matching Options: There are many ways to specify your search advertising terms, from broad match to exact match, that expand your ad exposure and can be used to reduce average cost-per-click.
  • Bid Management: We manage keyword bids to reach a balance between optimum keyword ad placement and cost-per-click. We will also balance your cost among various terms, ads, and campaigns.
  • Ad Creation: The right ad language can make all the difference. We will make the most of the limited space that search engine ads provide, obtaining high click-through rates with good lead pre-qualification.
  • Landing page Identification: We review the landing page ie- the first page reached by users after clicking on the search engine ads. It’s the virtual platform to grab user’s attention and we work hard to present it in the best possible way.
  • Tracking: Search engine advertising’s effectiveness can be measured very effectively, from clicks generated to campaign return on ad sales. We will help you see the ROI of your search advertising investment.

Our Prime Strategies

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  • Online advertising professionals know how to research the best keyword phrase options for your bidding, based on other bid level, how often the terms are searched for, and more.
  • PPC professionals understand variations in PPC campaigns, such as “broad matching” your bid, to have your ad displayed in similar relevant results.
  • PPC marketing can be very complicated, when dealing with thousands of variations and keywords, and optimizing ads for each.
  • PPC professionals will take the time to test variations and monitor results for you, to ensure the best PPC campaign results.
  • Write and review pay per click advertising copy to attract the most targeted and relevant visitors.
  • Use advanced systems and bid management software to auto control the bidding process for each search term on each search engine.
  • Build your targeted keyword lists for all pay-per-click search engines after comprehensive keyword research.
  • Constantly manage and review bids to ensure optimum level return on investment (ROI) at specific times of the day and week avoiding bid gaps and wastage.
  • Perform comprehensive return on investment modeling and analysis to ascertain what cost-per-click (CPC) you can afford to pay for each individual search term at specific times of the day, week or season.
  • Provide ongoing and transparent reporting making it easy for your company to use data from your Pay per click marketing campaign across all other channels of your off- and online marketing.

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