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How it work

I n today’s computer savvy era, every business concern is anxious to have its own website to promote its business activities. You may have the best website, but its real worth is tested by the number of visitors it attracts. And towards this end, there is no short cut but to hire services of WebSolvant, a leader in all spheres of IT. Among many fields in which we specialize, website development, portal development, mobile apps development and technical consultants are a few highly specialized areas. In this endeavor we follow certain strict yardsticks and processes. Given hereunder is resume of our characteristic process to convince you about our credentials.

WebSolvant’s Website Design Process

How it works?
The website is of value only if it can induce and sustain visitors. A good website works if it is SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZED (SEO) and connects with branded search engines like those of Google, MSN, Yahoo. The WebSolvant ensures all this by designing the site with SEO and befitting coding style.

Kick off Meeting

At the very first meeting, we explore the actual needs of our client. The client’s job is to reveal his vision and depend on us to realize it. During this initial discovery stage, we discern the client’s problems and rudiments of all essential information and our perfectionist technologists offer perfect solutions to your needs.

Website Architecture

In general terms we can call ‘Site Architecture’ as Sitemap. With this design comes into play the website’s wireframe to grasp the results where contents fail to offer clarity. We develop the website in the best way where the site’s navigational structure is the major contributing factor towards quick and user friendly browsing facility for visitors.

Client Review

Generally, an alpha site is put into practice to test its working navigational capability. Here we always believe in inclusive effort. We amalgamate our expertise and your specifics and only after mutual satisfaction with the design, we go ahead with the development process.

Visual Design

We come to designing stage after finalizing discovery phase with your due approval. Our software and infrastructural experts take special care to design graphic and layout specifications, being fully conscious of your priorities. Our web designers also take full care of your desires and KPIs before going ahead with the allotted tasks. The concept of visual design is a complex process. One of the most important items the visitors would like to witness on the website is obviously visual design. The look of the web application, thus, is very important to make or mar the brand name of your business. We, therefore, lay special emphasis to visual design to make the site quite fascinating, whereby the visitors feel relaxed with all the bright buttons, stylish background etc, leaving no room for boredom.

Web Development

In this phase, the web pages drawn up in the design are created and optimized. Web development is an extremely demanding job, which includes design and non-design concepts. It requires services of professional software and infrastructural experts with a lot of acumen and alert states of mind, which we provide in qualitative and cost effective manner. Here we excel to the envy of our competitors. We guarantee user-friendly website with latest technology with custom search engine optimization and proper use of keywords.

Project Launch

As the last step, we first create beta version of the task, and our technological experts thoroughly check up all concepts to ensure that the beta version is fully functional to utmost satisfaction. It is only after such a standard of strict checking that we think about the site launch. Further it is only after entire mutual satisfaction of our client and our company both, that the website is made functional before being published on the client’s web server for all to see.

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